Please join us on Saturday, August 31 at 5PM at timberlea in Chocorua for our annual Donor & Volunteer Appreciation Party!

Timberlea. Photo: Sarah Lloyd Hall

Timberlea. Photo: Sarah Lloyd Hall

Chocorua Lake Conservancy members and volunteers, we would love for you to join us on Saturday, August 31 from 5-8PM, at Timberlea in Chocorua, for our annual Donor & Volunteer Appreciation Party, a chance to visit with friends and neighbors and relax at the end of the long, busy summer. If you’re able to bring an appetizer to share, please contact Ruth and let her know.

Please RSVP below by Thursday, August 29. We’d love to have you AND have enough food for everyone. Thank you!

Driving directions from Route 16 to Timberlea: Turn onto Chocorua Lake Road. Follow the road for approximately 3/4 mile. When Loring Road forks off to your left, you will see a dirt driveway on the right directly across from Loring Road with a sign that says TIMBERLEA. Please do not park on the driveway, and parking is limited near the house. Feel free to drive up the driveway to drop people off or to park near the house, as needed. If you are able to, please park in the field to the left of the Mathews' driveway on Loring Road—the first driveway on the left after you have turned onto Loring Road—and enjoy a lovely five-minute walk in the Timberlea driveway along the beaver pond. If you plan to drink alcohol, please be sure to have a designated driver. Bring a flashlight in case you stay late and need to walk back to your car in the dark.

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Banner image: Chocorua from Timberlea. Photo: Juno Lamb