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Stewardship Day—Invasive Plant Removal

Do you wake from nightmares about bittersweet, buckthorn, barberry, knotweed, and other invasive plants trying to take over your property? Knowledge, and fellowship, is power!

Join the Chocorua Lake Conservancy for a morning of camaraderie, exercise, and invasive plant control at the Brown Lot across from Chocorua Lake. Our volunteer stewards will be learning to identify some common invasive plants and how to remove and control those that might otherwise out-compete native shrubs.

Bittersweet, shiny buckthorn, Japanese barberry and Japanese knotweed are all considered invasive plants in New England: plants that evolved in other parts of the world and grow quickly, expend large amounts of fruits or seeds, and often grow from underground root systems. Invasive plants can grow so thick in some places that they take over habitat normally available to native shrubs that provide cover and food for wildlife.

Our work at the Brown Lot will focus on non-native bittersweet, where large vines have made their way into the canopy of some of the larger trees. We’ll be cutting vines and low growth to prepare the site for work to be done later this summer as part of a Natural Resources Conservation Service grant we have received.

The CLC owns the Brown Lot, an undeveloped property located across Rt. 16 from the lake. Working to limit the spread of invasive plants there helps to reduce the chances these species will spread to the lakeshore. Bring work gloves, and your favorite clippers if you have them, water and a snack. We will have some tools available if needed. Meet at The Island public access area on the lake. Hope to see you there at 9:00! Questions: 603-323-6252.

Image: Juno Lamb