Picnicking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing are popular recreation activities on Chocorua Lake.

Public Access

Photo: Alex Moot

Photo: Alex Moot

The Chocorua Lake Conservancy provides public access to Chocorua Lake and the Little Lake at two CLC -owned properties: a three-acre area known as the Grove by the Narrows Bridge at the south end of the lake and a 17-acre area known as the Island between Old Route 16 and the lake on the east side. The CLC also maintains a "Tamworth Resident Only" visitor area with a separate entrance and parking area a quarter mile north of the Island on the east side of the lake. The CLC receives no town or state funding to maintain these areas.

Most visitors picnic and swim in the Grove, from narrow beaches along the Island, or from the long sandy beach area located between the Island and the Tamworth Resident Only area.

The CLC maintains 5,800 feet of publicly accessible shoreline on Chocorua Lake and the Little Lake. About 40% of the Chocorua Lake shoreline is available for use by the public, which is more than any other lake in New Hampshire, excluding state parks. Approximately 30% of donations received by the CLC each year is spent on maintaining these public access areas and other CLC-owned properties.

help from friends

Eco-art workshop in the Grove. Photo: Juno Lamb

Eco-art workshop in the Grove. Photo: Juno Lamb

The CLC funds new plantings and annual maintenance projects in the Grove and the Island to maintain each public access area’s natural beauty, reduce erosion, and prevent sediment run off into the lake, with enormous person-power support from volunteers. The CLC built and maintains the historic wooden railings on the Narrows Bridge and maintains the dam below the Little Lake. Since 2003, CLC volunteers have been cleaning up trash on Route 16 when the CLC adopted the two-mile stretch which starts at Heavenly Hill and runs north the length of the lake.


The CLC funds a Chocorua Lake Patrol from Memorial Day to Columbus Day to keep all public access areas attractive and free of trash. The CLC's Patrol Officer visits the Grove and Island areas twice a day, seven days a week. Both the Grove and the Island offer seasonal toilet facilities from Memorial Day through the end of October. No trash receptacles are provided, and we request that visitors "carry in/carry out." Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Lake Paddle on Little Lake. Photo: Lynne Flaccus

Lake Paddle on Little Lake. Photo: Lynne Flaccus



All CLC owned/managed properties, including the Grove and Island, are dog-friendly. Dog owners are expected to keep their dogs on leash or under voice control. Outboard motors of any kind (including electric) are prohibited on Chocorua Lake by New Hampshire state law. Both the Grove and Island are "car top/carry-in access" areas; all boats must be hand-carried to the water. Canoes and kayaks can be launched from the Grove or Island areas. Boat trailers are not permitted to be backed into Chocorua Lake because of the risk of milfoil transmission. Campfires and cooking fires of any kind are prohibited in the Grove, the Island, or any other CLC-owned property.

Weddings and Events

If you would like to hold a wedding or other event at Chocorua Lake, please contact the CLC Lake and Property Management Committee for information about Town of Tamworth and Chocorua Lake Conservancy rules and regulations for such events. While the CLC does not charge any fees for use of the Grove or other CLC-owned sites, we would be pleased to accept a voluntary donation. Your donation will be used to further our mission: to ensure the natural beauty and protection of the Chocorua Lake Basin, and to continue providing the public with access to Chocorua Lake and surrounding conservation lands.

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