The Chocorua Lake Conservancy (CLC) is a volunteer-led, nonprofit land trust founded in 1968. The CLC owns or manages almost 1,000 acres of conservation land across 17 properties, and protects 3,000 additional acres through perpetual conservation covenants and easements on over 100 properties.

The mission of the Chocorua Lake Conservancy is to protect the scenic and natural resources of the Chocorua Lake Basin and surrounding area through conservation practices, land protection, easements, maintenance of lands for public access, and the development of a community of support.

Our main areas of focus include:

Public Access: We are committed to providing local residents and occasional visitors with convenient, attractive public access to Chocorua Lake and trails on nearby conservation lands.

Land Conservation: We protect the scenic and natural resources of the Chocorua Lake Basin and surrounding area.

Lake Protection: Through monitoring and other activities, we protect the pristine water quality of Chocorua Lake, the Chocorua River, and other tributaries.

Forest Protection: Conducting and modeling sustainable forestry operations.

Education & Outreach: We offer events throughout the year to encourage people of all ages to enjoy Chocorua Lake and the trails that surround it, to learn more about the natural world we’re part of, to engage in active stewardship with us, and to have fun with friends and neighbors while doing all these things.


Support Us

Volunteers, donors & business partners make our work possible.


New to the Lake Basin?

Here are a few special places you can visit to see why so many of us love it here.


Banner: Kristina Folcik. Other photos: Juno Lamb