2018 Banner Year for Water Quality!

2018 was a banner year for water quality in Chocorua Lake.

Ten sampling events were accomplished throughout the summer of 2018. On each of these ten days, a Secchi Disk measurement was made to determine the water-column clarity, a profile of the change in water temperature with depth was determined and a series of water-quality parameters were measured in the laboratory. The work was done in conjunction with the University of New Hampshire’s Lakes Lay Monitoring Program (LLMP).

A summary of the findings for 2018, and a chart depicting long-term water quality trends in Chocorua Lake, can be found below. But in short, the water quality of Chocorua Lake this past year was outstanding with the average for water clarity, chlorophyl-a, and total phosphorus falling within the “oligotrophic/excellent” range for fresh water lakes in New Hampshire. The water was slightly tea colored, was moderately vulnerable to acid precipitation, had an optimal acidity (pH) for fish growth and reproduction and had a low total-disssolved-solids concentration.

Click here for full water quality testing results.

Photo: Juno Lamb